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User Agreement
Collector`s shop
Updated 13.08.2023
The current User Agreement is a legal document that defines your rights and responsibilities as a User of the website in relationships with: Collector`s Shop Corporation LTD Certificate: 229574 Registered Address: House of Francis, Room 303, Île du Port, Mahe, Seychelles. The text of the current Agreement is permanently available at the following URL: (including all subdomains) under the given conditions of the current Agreement. Thus, in accordance with Article 437.2 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the text of the current Agreement is a public offer.
1.1. The Service (the Website) — an Internet resource located at the following URL: (including all subdomains).
1.2. The Service Owner (the Website Owner) — Collector`s Shop Corporation LTD, the registration address: House of Francis, Room 303, Île du Port, Mahe, Seychelles.
1.3. The Administration — the Website Owner and the parties that act on the part of the Service, perform technical support of the Service and support the User if necessary.
1.4. The Visitor — a person who does not register, but has the possibility to view the information available on the Website for visitors, to communicate with the technical support of the Website, without having the right to buy and sell when using the Service.
1.5. The User — a person who has registered on the Website and acts as a seller or customer when using the Service.
1.6. The Parties — the Service and the User.
1.7. The Commission — a fee to the Service for providing the Website services to the Users.
1.8. The Website Services — the services provided to the Users for technical support, consulting support and intermediary services in the interaction between the Users in the purchase or sale of the In-game Items.
1.9. The Seller's Advertisement — an advertisement hosted on the Website by the User-seller.
1.10. The User's Application — an offer made by the User-customer to purchase the specific In-game Item (service) at the price set by the Service.
1.11. The In-game Item — an additional digital content produced by third parties and owned by the User, as well as other products belonging to the User and the User's services.
2.1. The Service is an Internet-platform where Users-sellers place their advertisements for the sale of owned In-game Items (services) for public access and Users-customers purchase the offered In-game Items (services). The Service functioning is provided by the Administration under the conditions specified in the current Agreement.
2.2. The Service is not an owner, proprietor, rights-holder or creator of the In-game Items (services). All the In-game Items hosted on the Website belong to the Users. The Service is not a part of a purchase or sale transaction, but acts as a guarantor of the fulfillment of the obligations under the contract between the parties. The Service Administration takes no responsibility for the actions (inaction) of the Users, including the authenticity of the information placed by the Users and the compliance of this information with the law of the Russian Federation.
2.3. The Service is not a mass media platform.
2.4. Use of the Website as a Visitor or registration as a User implies full and unconditional acceptance of the these Terms and Conditions.
2.5. In order to make purchases and sales while using the Service, the Visitor must complete the registration procedure on the Website in one of the following ways:
— login to the website with a valid VK, Google, or Steam user account;
— register by entering your nickname, email address and password.
2.6. By registering on the website, the user gives his/her consent to the automated and non-automated processing of personal data, including the following:
— nickname;
— e-mail address;
— payment details and transaction data;
— cookie files;
— IP address and other information.
2.7. By using the Website, the Visitor consents to the automated and non-automated processing of personal data, including the following:
— cookie files;
— IP address.
2.8. The collection and processing of personal data by the Service is performed solely in connection with the contract to which the User is a party. The personal data of the User will not be distributed by the Service and will not be disclosed to third parties without the User's consent and will be used by the Service only for the performance of the contract and the conclusion of contracts with the owner of the personal data.
2.9. The User agrees and acknowledges that the amendment of the current Agreement implies a change in the legal relations between the Service and the User. These amends come into effect from the moment of their publishing on the Website.
2.10. The User must monitor the changes of the current agreement. If the User does not agree with the changes, he/she is obliged to stop using the Website and to refuse the services provided by the Administration.
3.1. In order to be able to sell his In-game Items, the User contacts the Administration and requests access to the Website tools to place the Seller's Advertisement. The Administration provides all the necessary tools, whereby the specific amount of tools (functions) provided to the User is determined by the Administration on a case-by-case basis. The Administration has the right to reasonably refuse to provide the User with the tools (functions) and to block the User's access to the tools (functions) in some cases (for example, in case of violation of the terms of the current Agreement).
3.2. The Administration has the right, at its sole discretion, to require the User to add a personal phone number and/or information about the VK social media account and other platforms (Telegram, Discord, etc.). In case of the User's refusal to provide such information, the Administration has the right to deny such User access to the Website's tools for placing Advertisements.
3.3. All information available to the User-seller while working on the Website cannot be disclosed and is private. By using our Website, the User-seller confirms that he/she has read and agrees to the terms of the Privacy Policy (
3.4. The User-seller, who has access to the tools (functions) of the Website, publishes an Advertisement on the Website about his wish to sell the In-game Item (service). The User-seller must find the corresponding In-game Item in the catalog and report the presence of the In-game Item (service) using the Website functionality.
3.5. The User-Seller can always contact the technical support of the Website for the necessary assistance.
3.6. The User-seller has no right to ignore the Administration or the User-customer for more than 24 hours. If the User-seller plans to be absent for more than 24 hours, he/she must notify the Administration and the User-client beforehand.
3.7. The User-seller should not change the status of an order without any reason, as the change of the status may confuse the User-customer. Therefore, the user-seller should change the status of the order only after the appropriate stage of the deal (order) has been reached.
3.8. The User-seller is obliged to send orders in time and not to delay sending them without a valid excuse.
3.9. The Administration creates the catalog of In-game Items available for sale and purchase on the Website according to the Advertisements placed on the Website.
3.10. The final price for specific In-game Items (services) of the same type is determined by the Administration on the basis of an agreement with the Users-sellers who have placed Advertisements for the sale of In-game Items of this type. Agreement with the Service's policy on the pricing of the items offered for sale on the Website is a mandatory condition for selling In-game Items (services) using the Service.
3.11. If the User-seller has some active orders (accepted orders), then this User is obliged to deliver the In-game Items (services) to the User-customer. This responsibility also remains in case the Service makes a reasoned decision about restricting the User-seller's access to the Website tools (or about blocking the User's account).
3.12. When communicating with customers, the User-seller must:
— greet the customer when adding to friends, then introduce yourself and inform the customer about the terms of processing and delivery of the purchased In-game Item (service) according to paragraph 4.6 of the current Agreement;
— communicate with the customer politely, do not use obscene words or insults;
— during the period of the order processing and order receiving by the customer, the User-seller is obliged to provide the customer with all necessary links to different sections of the Website to make the deal more convenient and, if possible, to answer the customer's questions;
— do not ignore questions (messages) from customers for more than 24 hours from the moment of their receiving. If necessary, explain to the customer that all necessary can be received by e-mail: [email protected], or by contacting the Website technical support ( or the community of the Website in the social network VKontakte (;
— communicate with the customer in a competent language and provide timely answers to the customer's questions;
— when sending the order (gift), notify the customer about it;
— after comleting the order, ask the customer to leave feedback.
3.13. It is categorically forbidden for the User-seller to make deals directly with the User-customer, even if the User-customer has been on the friends list for a sufficient amount of time and has previously purchased In-game Items (services) from the User-seller, as making deals indirectly endangers the manager's inventory and the customer's money, as well as the reputation of the Website.
3.14. If the User-seller does not comply with the rules set forth in the current Agreement, including the rules of communication with customers, the Administration may restrict the User-seller's access to the tools (functions) of the Website.
4.1. The User-customer wishing to buy the specific In-game Item (service) shall study its description. Where necessary, the User-customer shall confirm that he has read the description of the item. If the User-customer is satisfied with the In-game Item, the User-customer adds this In-game Item to his or her shopping cart, selects one of the available payment methods and pays for the selected In-game Item (service) in the selected method.
4.2. After the payment is made, the funds are transferred to the account of the Service and are stored there until the User-customer receives the selected In-game Item (service) from the User-seller.
4.3. The User-customer can also replenish the balance in his own account in some ways provided by the Service. In this case, the Service will store and account the User's money in the User's account. The money kept on the balance of the User's account can be used for purchasing some In-game Items (services) or returned by the Service upon the User-customer's request with all the rules provided by the current Agreement and Refund Policy.
4.4. After payment for the products, the customer's Order about his or her desire to purchase the specific In-game Item (service) at the price set by the Service becomes available to the User-sellers.
4.5. The right to enter into an agreement with the User-customer is granted to the User-seller who is the first to process the application. After processing, the application becomes inactive. The processing of the customer's Application by the User-seller is an acceptance to deal on the terms and conditions offered.
4.6. The term of delivery of the In-game Item (service) is determined by the conditions of the games/services in which the digital content is distributed and does not depend on the Administration. In particular, the delivery terms of individual items are:
— for the In-game Items sent to the User-customer as a gift in the Dota 2 game — at the earliest 30 calendar days from placing the order;
— for In-game Items from the Services section — no more than 7 days from placing the order;
— for Steam Points — delivery is made within 24 hours of placing the order, but the points are not credited to the user's account until 14 days after placing the order;
— for In-game Items transferred to the User-customer via Steam trades — no more than 14 calendar days from placing the order;
The specific delivery period of the In-game Item (service) is defined in the agreement between the seller and the customer, but it cannot exceed 45 calendar days from placing the order.
If the delivery of the In-game Item is impossible due to the fault of the customer, the delivery terms of the In-game Items will be postponed until the problems preventing the User-Seller from delivering the order have been resolved.
4.7. Issues relating to refunds to the User-customer, including the basis of refund, rules and terms, are defined in the Refund Policy.
4.8. Concluding the sales transactions between the Users bypassing the Service is prohibited. The service takes no responsibility for the Users’ actions on the sale transactions of the In-game Items (services), made bypassing the Service.
5.1. The transfer to the Service is made by bank transfer to the bank account of the Service or to the account of the electronic payment systems belonging to the Service.
5.2. The Service fulfils storage and accounting of the funds transferred to the User's private account according to paragraphs 4.2, 4.3 of the current Agreement.
5.3. All financial transactions are carried out in rubles and include taxes and payment systems commissions.
5.4. By using the Service to perform transactions, the User confirms that they are the owner of the accounts, bank cards, and other payment methods used.
5.5. The user is responsible for any fees, taxes, or other expenses associated with the chosen method of payment when performing the transaction.
5.6. The Service will refund the money upon the User's request, according to the conditions specified in the Refund Policy.
6.1. The commission for the intermediary services of this Service is deducted from the amount of money transferred by the User-customer on behalf of the Service. The Service transfers the payment for the In-game Item (service) on behalf of the User-seller, based on the production commission retainer.
6.2. The Commission's amount is:
— on Battle Pass 2015 items — 13%;
— on Battle Pass 2016 and 2017 items — 18%;
— on other Battle Pass items (for further years) — 23%;
— on tradable Immortal-items (Arcanas, Weather Effects), Dota+ Subscription, Battle Pass and its levels — 5%;
— on Steam Points — 15%;
— on Services — 20%;
6.3. The payout by results of the order performance can be received by the User-seller at any moment and on any payment system. The payout is carried out within 24 hours after the request to receive payment using the Website tools.
6.4. At the time of submission to the User-Seller's account, the actual payment details must be given for the payment. Money will be paid to the User-Seller only for fulfilled orders and through the payment details provided in the User-Seller's account at the time of submission.
6.5. Money transfer from the Service account to the account of the User-seller is not carried out in case of the User-seller's refusal to fulfil the active orders.
6.6. In case the User-seller decides to terminate the cooperation, the payment of the money owed will be made after the completion of the remaining active orders.
6.7. The User can replenish the balance in the account through the skins by communicating with the technical support. The service commission in this case is reported by the service at the moment of contact.
7.1. The Administration allows the User-seller to publish, edit and post Advertisements about the availability of In-game Items.
7.2. The Administration does not have the possibility to check the conformity of the information published on the Website with the legislation.
7.3. The User has the right to use the «Ask a question» function in the section to receive necessary information from the Administration. The User also has the right to ask a question in the VK community of the Website. ( The Administration provides an answer within 24 hours of asking the question and within 60 days if the question is sent via Email.
7.4. The Owner has the right to send informational messages to the User via the email address provided in the User's account. The User hereby agrees to receive such messages from the Service. The User has the right to refuse to receive them at any time by sending a written refusal to the following e-mail address: [email protected]or by contacting the technical support (, or the community in VK (
7.5. The Service has the right to amend the terms of the current Agreement in accordance with paragraph 2.7 of the current Agreement.
7.6. The Administration has the right to perform preventive maintenance on the Webite with temporary suspension of the Website.
7.7. The Administration has the right to cancel an order if it has been placed as a bag result or has been partially paid. If the order has been partly/fully paid, the Administration will return the money of the order to the User's balance.
8.1. The User is obliged to familiarise himself/herself with the current version of the Agreement each time he/she visits the Website. When using the Service, Users are required to abide by the current terms and conditions of the Agreement.
8.2. The user agrees to being over 14 years old, having the right to enter into a contract with the service, and giving their own consent for the personal data processing.
8.3. The User is obliged to abide the terms and conditions of the Agreement in force at the time of the User's use of the Website.
8.4. The User is not permitted to:
— to distribute information on war propaganda, incitement to national, racial, religious hatred and enmity and other information for the distribution of which legal or administrative responsibility is provided;
— to violate the website operability;
— to disorient other Users;
— to share their own account and/or their own login or password with third parties;
— to registry a user account on behalf of, or instead of, another person;
— to display advertising, erotic, obscene or offensive materials and other information, the display of which is prohibited or contrary to the current law;
— to display on the Website the advertising materials;
— to use scripts or programs for automated data retrieval or interacting with the Website;
— to commit the fraudulent practices that may cause damage to the Service and/or other Users.
9.1. All trademarks, logotypes, skins, artwork and other intellectual property objects (registered or not) located on the Website belong to their owners. Any intellectual property objects located on the Webite are illustrative and are taken from available publicity and are not used by the Service to recover profit.
9.2. The Administration does not assume any responsibility for failures, errors and interruptions in the operation of the program and/or tools that provide the function of the Website, which occurred for reasons that are not dependent on the Administration, as well as for the loss caused to the User.
9.3. The Administration does not assume any responsibility for direct/indirect losses and/or lost profits of the User and/or third parties, loss of information as a result of using or impossibility of using the Service, as well as losses caused by the fault of third parties.
9.4. The Administration gives no guarantees for the operability of the Service. The User agrees to use the Service as it is, without any guarantees or assurances.
9.5. The Administration does not assume any responsibility for any loss caused to the User as a result of false information reported by other Users or third parties, as well as for any loss caused by the actions and/or inactions of the above-mentioned persons.
9.6. The Administration does not assume any responsibility for the direct and indirect losses of the User, if these losses were caused by the User's actions: the User did not read the item description, terms and conditions of providing services, delivery of items, etc. before buying it.
9.7.If the Administration's faulty acts or inaction cause direct losses to the User, the Administration is obliged to compensate the losses, if the fact of the damage is proven.
9.8. The User-seller who has violated the terms of the contract of sale of the In-game Item (for example, by not delivering to the customer the In-game Item specified in the application), who has not provided the service to the User, is liable to the User-customer and the Administration for the losses incurred by the latter as a result of the guilty actions of the User-seller.
9.9. The Administration does not verify the authenticity of the data placed by the Users on the Website and the legal compliance of the data. In case of finding facts indicating the unreliability or illegality of the data located by the User, the Administration has the right to delete these data unilaterally.
9.10. Using the Service for personal gain, including deceiving other Users, abusing the refund system, as well as any other abuse of rights is not allowed. If the Administration has evidence of the User's abuse while using the Service, the Administration has the right to block the User's account for a certain period of time — from 7 days to permanent blocking of the account.
9.11. In case of the User's violation of the terms of the Agreement, the Administration has the unilateral right to refuse to fulfill the Agreement and prohibit the User from using the Service by blocking the User's account.
10.1. All notifications, messages and documents in the execution of the obligations from the Agreement by the parties must be addressed by one of the parties to the correct email of the other party. The correct e-mail address of the Administration is: [email protected]; the correct e-mail address of the User is the address specified by the User during registration: the address specified in the User's account; the address specified by the User when contacting the technical support.
10.2. Any information received by the Parties as a result of the conclusion, execution and termination of the present Agreement is private information and may not be disclosed to third parties.
10.3. The Agreement becomes effective as soon as the User registers on the Website and acquaints themselves with the current Agreement conditions, and remains in effect until termination pursuant to the current Agreement conditions.
10.4. The User can liquidate the Account at any time by notifying the Administration via email: [email protected] or by connecting to the technical support of the Website ( or in the social network VKontakte (
10.5. If the User opens a ticket to the technical support and does not read the messages from the support or does not answer them, the ticket will be closed after 48 hours from the last message from the technical support.
10.6. The Administration can block the User's access to the account at any time if the User violates the current terms of the Agreement.
10.7. The law of the Russian Federation is applied to the obligations of the parties arising from the conclusion, execution and termination of the current Agreement.
10.8. The Refund Policy and Privacy Policy ( are an integral part of the current Agreement.
10.9. Pre-trial dispute resolution procedure is obligatory. The party that has the intention to appeal to the court must send to the other party the scanned version of the claim on the official e-mail that contains the signature of the person who has sent the claim. The terms for consideration of the claim by the other party are 30 working days from the moment of its receiving.
The current document is an integral part of the User Agreement, which is permanently located at the following URL: By making a purchase through the Website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully agree to the current refund policy. You can request a refund for all completed purchases on the Website in the cases specified in the current policy. To make a refund you need to contact the technical support of the Website ( or the community of the social network VKontakte ( More details are given below, but you can always contact our technical support on the money refund for receiving the individual answer to the appeared question.
11.1. The Store guarantees the User the possibility to return the money using any convenient way (the Website balance, electronic money, bank account, etc.) on condition that the User appeals to the Website technical support with an Application for money refund within the following terms:
— 24 hours after placing the order for Weather Effects, Arcanas, Services and Steam Points;
— 30 calendar days from the date of placing the order for other categories of items, but only under the condition that the selected In-game Item ( service) has not yet been delivered by the seller. Meanwhile, the User's appeal must be filed regardless of the time when the issue of refunding the money would be resolved. For example, if the User's Appliacation was submitted on time, but the bank account information was provided after the time stated, then the User has not missed the time for refunding the money;
— 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the item, if the item can be returned to the seller;
11.2. The Store guarantees the User the possibility to return the money using any convenient way (the Website balance, electronic money, bank account, etc.) in case the item has not been delivered within 15 calendar days from the moment of the expiry date specified in the current User Agreement. If the item has already been delivered/the service has already been provided to the customer and the return of the item is impossible, the money will not be refunded.
11.3. The store guarantees the user the possibility to return the money in any convenient way (the website balance, electronic money, bank account, etc.) in case the In-game Item cannot be delivered/the service cannot be provided for reasons beyond the User's control. In order to return the money, the User must provide the Administration with the details of the bank account to be refunded (for example, in the case of bank cards, the details of the bank account are the card number, the validity period of the card, the holder's name and surname).
11.4. The money is returned to the Website balance if the customer has not contacted the seller during 7 calendar days after placing the order or has not answered the seller's messages.
11.5. The Store has no right to refuse a refund under the conditions of paragraphs 11.1-11.4 of this policy.
11.6. The refund cannot be made without the User's consent, except for the case mentioned in paragraph 11.4 of the current Policy.
11.7. The refund to the User's bank account is possible if the refund Application is submitted in time and under the conditions specified in paragraph 11.1 of the current Policy.
11.8. The refund cannot be made for reordering the same item at a lower price if the price has changed. For example, a refund is not available if the same item is in the customer's shopping cart awaiting payment at the time of the Application (or if the same item has been purchased by the User at the time of the refund Application).
11.9. Only the amount actually paid by the User is subject to refund, regardless of the price changes of the In-game Item. Commissions paid by the User during the purchase of the selected In-game Item are not subject to refund. The change of the price of the In-game Item (service) (price increase/decrease, applying or cancellation of discounts) is not a reason for the recalculation of the amount that can be refunded to the User.
11.10. The refund of the money, provided that the User meets all the conditions and has the reason for the refund, is performed within 24 hours from the moment of receiving all the User's bank account details by the Service. In the case of refund to the Website balance, the refund is performed within 24 hours from the moment of the User's Application for refund.
11.11. When the money is refunded to the User, the Service withholds the refund commission in the following amounts:
— 3,20% from the refunded amount + 40 rubles if the money is refunded to the User's bank account;
— 3% from the refunded amount if the money is refunded to an online wallet (Qiwi, Yandex) or by any other method;
The withholding of the commission is performed by the Administration in a non-acceptance order, the additional informing of the User or obtaining the User's consent in this case is not required.
11.12. The possibility of refunding money has been added as a defense mechanism for customers against unscrupulous sellers, as well as various cases beyond the customer's control. Using the refund system for personal gain (for example, to buy the same item at a lower price) is an abuse that harms the item seller and violates the seller's rights. In case the Administration suspects that the User is abusing the refund system, the Administration may block the refund system for that particular User.
11.13. To make the money refund you should contact the technical support of the Website ( or send an e-mail to the following e-mail address: [email protected] or in our community in the social network VKontakte (
11.14. If the order cannot be sent due to the problems the User-customer has and the User does not communicate for more than 21 days from the moment of identifying the problem, and these problems cannot be resolved, then the User-customer will have the money refunded for this order to the Website balance.
11.15. The problems of the User-customer that hinders sending gifts in the game:
— non-working exchanges on the Steam account;
— disabled Steam Guard on the Steam account;
— non-working Steam Market;
— VAC ban;
— the User has not entered the game at least once;
— hidden or private Steam inventory, etc.
11.16. In case if within the term given in paragraph 4.6 of the Agreement, before sending the order, the customer deletes the Manager, then Manager during 24 hours sends the request again; if the customer does not add the Manager within 7 days, then the User-customer has the money for the order refunded to the Website balance.
11.17. When adding the Manager or some time after ordering the User-customer blocks the Manager, then Service within 24 hours changes the Manager. The user-customer adds a new Manager again. If the Manager is blocked again or if the User-customer does not add the new Manager, the User-customer has the money for the order refunded to the Website balance.